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Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Wargaming][Gaming] RPG History and PreHistory-

If you haven't already read THIS, please consider doing so. I also heavily suggest reading THIS.

All of that makes me want to finish Volume I and jump right into my wargaming rules for Urutsk, but as they are for the latter Autumn era, I'll have to keep my reins tight until the appropriate time.

If only I knew where Karl P. is at and how to reach him, I'd make every effort to get as many games of the Second Tyrrhean War played on the squad-level as possible during that time.

We used tan plastic army men of the vaguely Vietnam-era style for the mainline Khark warriors, and Blockmen [*] figures and cowboys to represent the Resth Clan Confederacy troops defending their fully-staffed and equipped, air-dropped firebases.
Using a reallly nifty rule from Leonard Hung's Cathy Arts of RolePlay (I lament losing my copy of that brilliant game) where Chi allowed for any sort of linear movement at full rate, we had the equivalent of Khark 'ninja' sappers simply hop over the perimiter defences (if they had detected them) and up into the gunners' tower. My d6-only based rules were fast and vicious, and the sappers would almost always kill in hand-to-hand. Once the sentinels and heavy weapons were neutralised, the mainline Kharks would swarm en mass and only lost once or perhaps twice (but that was nearly a total kill on both sides), regardless of who played them. Memories of this weird mustard, olive, and khaky flower-print as being the jungle terrain and utilising the actual shapes and sizes of the print to act as degrees of cover just make me long for those late night, back patio, Hialeah games when I came down from the hell that was Jacksonville.

I had rules for single-shot, musket-era volley-fire, so there is nothing stopping me from releasing those rules either at the end of Vol. I or at the dawn of Vol. II.

We'll see...


  1. I'm fascinated, you know. I've just started the new version of "Qadardalikoi", updated for the modern gaming technology, and it's fascinating to read your postings on your world-setting and game design.

    [I'm also delighted to see your references to the early days of RPG creation, too; I worked for Dave Arneson for about five years, and was in the thick of it during the lawsuit doing the research for him. Eventually, somebody's going to have to write *that* history...]

    By the by, 'Nlyss' can be spelt with either the 'y' or with an umlauted 'u', depending on the accent of the speaker; some say "Nliss", and some say "Nlooss"; Phil did a pronunciation tape for me, at one point, and this is been rereleased as a CD.

    'Kyrinn' is also a good solid Nlyss name; would you mind being immortalized in lead?

  2. Most Honourable and Noble Chirine ba Kal,

    My trusted translator and tutor in the High Tongue of the Tsolyani assures me that your words have been correctly parsed, for I would not otherwise believe such things should I not have heard him swear it with my honour blade to his throat.

    For a great general of the Glorious Ranks to honour me with such laurels is both humbling and emboldening!
    If this foreigner of low manners can in any way be of assistance (providing chattel upon which to test the Chlen-hide blades, etc.) in the upcoming revision of Qadardalikoi, please do not hesitate to tell my man and I will make it so, whatever the cost to my clan house. This I swear in sight of my glorious ancestors as well as the Forgotten God, the upholder of my person in all things.

    -Kyrinn Sauin Ays
    Lifegiver and Armourer, Chronicler, Alchemist

    Man! That makes my day! :D

    I know, I need to purchase that CD. I do fret that I am really doing the 5 languages a terrible disservice when I pronounce those tricky Tekumelani words.

    Mind?! La! Please contact me at:
    kynkrea AT hotmail DOT com

    Thank you! :D

  3. Based on Barker's detailed phonological description, the pageáni gives an accurate API transcription of Tsolyáni pronunciation.

  4. Urhixidor: Thank you. I'll look into it directly. :)

    I've uncovered at least five Vrun translations resulting from your handle:

    * Speaker of Death and Necromancy
    * A Forest of Stout Pillars
    * Native-born Atmosphere Terraformer
    * Banks of Atmospheric Processors
    * Ace Fighter Pilot of an Elite Squadron

  5. * Ranks of Speakers of a New Global Language
    * Teacher of a New Global Language
    * Veteran Global Conspirator/Assassin
    * Unflinching Ranks
    * Workers of Death and Embalming