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Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogday Blues-

So, beyond having this major issue properly nesting a table into a blog post (several attempts), I learn that one of my favourite blogs appears to be closing shop.

Scott's World of Thool posted that he is finished for the foreseeable future.
That sux, but I can understand him possibly being burnt out or busy with the new job.
> pout <

Oh well, Fight On!


  1. Nestling tables in anything can be difficult. Word is such a pain in the ass, moving tables and images away from where I placed them. If I had wanted to place them there, I would have.

    As for the World of Thool, it is regrettable that he won't be posting content in the foreseeable future, but the worth of his posts will remain. The OSR will be here when he gets back :)

  2. Orion,

    Word definitely has a mind of its own, but in this case it was .txt converted to .html and it has this 'cosmic gulf' between my text and the very attractive three column table. A real... What's the word? 'Pisser'? Yeah.

    Re: World of Thool: True enough, but still... :(

    Thanks for posting, :)

  3. Not to mention Jeff Rients is taking a week off! The hell is going on around here??

  4. Oh man; if you're converting tables from one format to another, all bets are off.

  5. @ Orion: HTML ought to work in HTML parsers like the HTML tab when posting on Blogger, no?

    If not, what is HTML good for these days? :(

  6. Reminiscing about when it was still widely used?

    I dunno, I don't code in html anymore.