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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[RPG] Editing and Expanding the Manuals-

I spent the better part of yesterday/night looking over the Manuals, catching errors and looking at how bleak the Referee's looks on a surface skim.

Although the Ref's Manual is going to be expanded considerably, I think a lot of the best work (crunch-wise) in it is in the descriptions/explanations of the Terrain. Running with that, I plan on leaving out a lot of needless personal exposition, and instead, stick to encapsulated data designed to be immediately useful for the Ref in the playing of the game. If folks want a lot of gaming philosophy there are plenty of blogs on the subject.

& More like these bits from 5th edition Tunnels & Trolls:

* The Logic of Magic
* Unusual Combat Situations
* Personalising Monsters
* How to Be a GM
* "Do This When You Get Out"
* More about City, World, and Dungeon Building

Beyond those, I still have the Technology rules, and the entire 'Aberrations/Magic/High-Psionics (HiPsi)' section/book yet to edit/write. --and, the handful of Arcane spells (the term will dissolve, as there are no set lists in the setting) included were included because they were devised in-play in my Alpha game.

Your feedback is much appreciated.



  1. Hi Kyrinn - have started reviewing and will provide detailed rundown next week via email. In a nutshell, your sense of place and atmosphere come through nicely - this is not a dry read. I like the fact that I can buy a music production system! Specifics of the systems seem to make sense but I will subject them to more analysis over the weekend.

    Where is your wonderful elements graphic?

    The first improvement I would recommend would be a Table of Contents (and maybe an Index but that can come later) which serves to give a breakdown of the structure, which I think is the area where you will see great benefits from developing further in terms of readability and understanding.

    But having read what I have so far my feelings are VERY positive and have had a couple of scenario ideas pop into my head already.

  2. groakes,

    Thank you for taking the time to make a detailed analysis.
    Thank you also for the very positive comments regarding the setting material.

    I'm glad you like the Musical Companion. :D

    I most certainly will include a ToC, and when complete, will endeavour to build an Index.
    At this point, the ToC is impossible for the Ref's Manual, as the content simply isn't in place to list, but after I clean up the Players' Manual, I will do so for that book.

    I can tell you that there are a few places where I was less than scrupulous in deliniating whether I was referring to the Ability or the Characteristic (modifier), but 'RaW', there shouldn't be a disconnect as they are directly tied together.

    More distressing to me are a few sections which are potentially confusing as to whether the PM or 2M is to be used, and I must make certain that those are fixed.

    I eagerly await your in-depth analysis. I think it will greatly aid me in maintaining my focus.


  3. Hi, Kyrin, what a colorful cover you have for your game! Table of contents--vital. Index, great but really hard to make.
    A glossary might be better. I bet you have a lot of terms that could use quick explanation/definition.
    --Ken St. Andre

  4. Sweet!

    > brings Conan the Librarian his warm mead in a drinking horn <

    "Yes, my Trollgod. I shall not fail Thee."

    Thanks, Ken! :D

  5. Just discovered the blog (and the game) and am going through the long process of catching up.

    The game looks great. As someone who shared your influences -- early interest in Gamma World, EPT and T&T over D&D and a lingering obsession with Killraven -- I can't wait to look at the game.

    Also, all of your meditations on setting and mechanics -- d6 v.%d, the pros and cons of point systems, etc. -- have been very thoughtful and interesting.

    Congratulations on UWoM and thanks for all of the great posts.


  6. JC,

    Ooh, another Killraven fan! :D
    I've joined your blogs and am looking forward to reading your posts.

    I'm glad someone enjoys reading those posts. :D

    Thanks so much, and please let me know your thoughts, ideas for improvement, etc. :)

  7. Thanks so much! I have just recently discovered -- and had my mind blown -- by all of the creativity pouring out of the Old School and DIY gaming movements.

    (oh, and to add to the list of common influences -- I was also born and bred in the Florida swamps! Well, swamps may be too strong, but it was pretty marshy in those Tampa suburbs.)

  8. The Classic-Play RPG crowd is bursting at the seams with creativity. It is a great time to be gaming. :)

    Whereabouts in Tampa?
    --I lived in South Tampa for about 5 months back in '03, and would drive to Davis Islands as often as I was able; found it very relaxing there. Also liked the causeways; drove my SO of the time to work in Clearwater every weekday. Later fell for an SO who was living in Spring He- Hill. Also drove to St. Pete fairly frequently.

  9. I grew up in Brandon, but only lived for a couple of years in Tampa in the 1990s before leaving for California and then the Midwest.

    I did like some of the aspects of South Tampa and still miss Florida, but luckily my family (and some of my wife's family) is there so we make it back once in a while.

    I am just catching up on the blog and have a few thoughts -- none of them very helpful of mechanics. A MSPE/VV crossover set in the Elementals would be great, I think I need to find a copy of Jorune (which I only know from ads in Dragon) and I really like the hints of a wargame. There are times in reading the blog that I am reminded of "The Deeds of the Ever-Glorious" and wonder what your wargame will look like.

  10. Oh, Brandon, where the mega-mall is. > grin <
    --Yall come back now, ya' hear? ;)

    Yeah, that MSPE/V&V is just itchin' to be done.

    If you are able, try and pick up the Boxed edition (2nd, I think) of Jorune, as it has the best flavour and best system, IMO.

    My first playtest of R'Tshen indicated that one of three players preferred dice to glass-bead lots, and that the lots were a bit time-consuming only because the bag they were in wasn't very accommodating. I've ordered 6 d6 with the correct colours to use in the game. I'll post an update next time we play.
    --It has an effect on Phases similar to Ambush! or Shell Shock!, if you are familiar with them. There are times where a figure simply doesn't activate for a good while, while others are fortunate enough to act virtually each Round. The Command rules will need a bit of a tweak, I think.

    I'm still waiting to get the new draft of Jeff Berry's Qadardalikoi rules.

  11. Just downloaded both files. Very groovy at first blush.

    Do you have a particular place you would like our responses posted?

    The Peter Mullen art is great. For some reason, Ozric Tentacles' "Pixel Dreams" popped into my head.

  12. TRBA (Rusty),

    Thank you very much. I hope that upon more detailed examination it doesn't fail too badly. :)
    --You may post them here, or if you feel they are too long, we can trade e-mails, somehow.

    I'll have to look them up and give it a listen.
    --The Rolling Stones' 2000 Light Years From Home just ended, here. :)