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Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Hurts My Soul A Little Bit-

Jamie Chambers announces that James Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha's next edition will be de'end'ee4e-based.

The Mutantity, oh the Mutantity!


  1. The Starship Warden is dead to me.

  2. I honestly wish James financially-well. He deserves that, at least. > IMO <

    Fear not!
    Late Autumn era Urutsk's slow-boat colonial ships ought to have that familiar ring to them. The poor bastards. Heh, ;>

  3. I DID notice a bit of MA in there! The Warden has a special place for me being the first Role Playing game I ever played. I must admit that I have no real understanding of what 4e actually IS - though from what I have seen on other blogs it seems aimed at a young demographic...

  4. > blushing <
    Yes, there is a bit of MA in UWoM. :D
    --It was that weird, out-of-print Sci-Fi game I a;ways wanted to get my hands on, but never did until .pdf games became available. Then the Fast Forward edition.

    I hope James still has a copy of his fourth edition for me to purchase. I better jump on that quickly. :o

    De|end|ee4e is a simplification/streamlining of 3.x, but it feels as though they processed it through World of Warcraft, and sucked the soul out of the husk that was D&D.
    --To be fair, I am so very weary of 3.x that the further distancing from B/X and 1e was already too much (although I spent a boat-load on 3.x, oy vey!), so it wasn't surprising that 4th pushed me over the edge. I don't even want to touch Pathfinder, even though I was initially excited about it.

    I only hope that James doesn't regret this move in the same way that Mike did with The Chaosium deal.

  5. Another one bites the dust.
    I had the Fast Forward edition of MA, and it was interesting, even if it seemed a bit incomplete. Still, that slim little booklet seemed to blossom with possibility.

    If I ever ran Metamorphosis Alpha again, I'd probably just use the Warden setting and use my Gamma World 2nd edition rules for the actual fiddly bits.

    Word verification: fojoked. It sounds both vaguely dirty, and vaguely like something that Whotsee has done to me.

  6. Ryan,

    A sleeper-slow-boat using 2nd Ed. Gamma World would be perfect. The timeline that appeared in Dragon magazine suggested that smaller craft could have been constructed and left the Sol system before the Apocalypse Ultimatum was delivered.
    --With Warden's dimensions (length, etc,) changing from edition to edition, it wouldn't be unreasonable that a craft well under one mile in length could be purpose-built for cryo-sleep or even the more advanced vat-reconstitution method.

    Fojoked reminds me of the old Jim Carlin saying: "Joke 'em if they can't take a f___."

  7. It DOES have an interesting Table of Contents though (See K, they are useful).

    "Disaster Record Beta: Female Companion Unit #5"....

  8. Yes, groakes, sir. ;p

    I won't comment on the latter, though.