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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Isle of Slavers; 2e Gamma World Boxed Set; Play-by-Post Urutsk Game-

I am working on the island, fortress, and hidden sectors maps, descriptions, and general module-ness for The Isle of Slavers.
--When the adventure is played-out, I intend to reveal it here as a .pdf for your enjoyment. If it meets with your approval, I may submit it to Fight On!

My second edition Gamma World boxed set from an eBay purchase arrived today, as advertised, minus the map, but no sweat, as I still had my map. It also included 7 transparent green Gamescience dice (minus the 10's-die, plus a second d6), that I have Crayola'd white.
--Although 2e has less of an OS-feel than 1e, it is a fine and solid game-platform, and I especially like a lot of the changes and expansions to Mutations.

If I receive enough interest, I would like to run an Urutsk play-by-post game.
--I am most familiar with, but would be open to other venues if heartily suggested.
---If interested, please leave a comment on this post to that effect.


  1. I had a look at your Urutsk PDFs. There's a lot of detail there that a few pictures could help illuminate (as I'm sure you're aware). I like the science fantasy vibe so count me in for the PbP gaming, which I've never tried. Play by Web looks alright. Let me know.

    Nice one getting Gamma World 2e - a personal favourite.

  2. Chris T,

    Peter Mullen, although busy with other Old School projects, is supplying me with some really wonderful black and white interior artwork which goes a long way to capture the feel of my writing.
    --I think the unified artistic feel of the work will only enhance it.

    I am glad that you enjoy the science fantasy vibe of Urutsk.
    --Gamma World certainly played a strong role in its development over these two and one-half decades, and many games set in the milieu have been played using GW, among other rules sets.

    As far as the Play-by-Post, I am hoping for no fewer than two other respondents here before I put up my board there (or elsewhere), and start the episodic sandbox game.
    --Since it is such a slow medium, I've learnt that combats work best when everyone has the same posting schedule, so I'll have to see what works best for everyone. 2-3x a week has been my experience, given life's demands on 30+ year-olds (not to be agist [n.]).

    I will keep in touch with you, both here and on the Miscellany.

  3. Hi Timeshadows. I ran a couple play-by-email and play-by-blog post-apoc games that worked out well (at least until I ran out of steam). I sent you some links via email if you want to check them out. I've played in a couple play-by-posts, but they always petered out before going anywhere.

    My suggestions for running a game are:

    - Keep it Simple (Rules-Light)
    - Keep it Snappy (Frequent Updates, Something Exciting Every Post)
    - Keep it Short (Small Adventures vs. Mega-Campaign)

  4. K-Slacker,

    Thanks for the advice.
    -I've run many games, and played in several on PBW, and agree in general with your assessments.

    I think a slightly modified version of my MUTANT SCAVENGERS of the RUINED EARTH micro-game would be a great rules-light system, as would James Hargrove's ZIP!

    Thanks again,