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Saturday, August 29, 2009

[Playtest Campaign] The Isle of Slavers Pt. 1-

Tybalt/Darius' player was back; Delver/CiCi's no-show two weeks in a row, suspect something amiss; new player made a 2-Handed Sword melee guy --he'll be leaving each week around 8PM to run a game elsewhere; Ashta/Mela; Ymyk the Archer.

Ship escaped island inhabited by Qetswn family >> Sighted another island >> Almost ran aground >> PCs took ship's boat to shore >> Mountain cleft in two with fresh water channel bisecting the sandy & scrub island >> fairly busy pier >> only smallcraft able to reach pier due to shallows >> press gang combat avoided >> Notice Vrun and other non-'primitives' shackled, etc. >> extortionist fees to remain free (125 count per person so long as writ in possession) >> PCs enter tavern >> Strong (grog + ale) >> Uneasy >> Tybalt inquires after securing an educated, martially-proficient, orange-skinned (a Dokirin skin colouration possibility: range from Amber to Violet) individual >> Told that, if present on island, 1800+ count cost >> Hear shouting out in the courtyard >> Identify some of the voices as those from their ship >> Combat begins >> 4 Rounds, little damage to PCs, although there is plenty of action, and weapons accidentally discarded; NPC weapon snapped by Ymyk; Delver depletes most of his lightning-ring charges frying several 2FD fighter-types >> 5th Round I am about to Crit Darius when I am recalled to home base: Father has fallen for 2nd time >> I zip back home (20+ miles) >> 2nd try gets Pops into Mom's chair in living room.

Provided next week is on, I intend on resuming combat from that point.


  1. Great (if succinct) write up! Best wishes with regard to Pops' health...apologies for spelling edit

  2. It's difficult to keep continuity going at times when players fall in and out of game. Sounds like you are keeping them busy.

    Good luck with your dad.

  3. ZB, Tim: Thanks.

    I think that, despite interruptions, the game had been going pretty well up to around that point. One group of four slavers attacked a Cold-cast Plate Suit wearing Darius, and although four attacked, only two 'hit', with only one Criticalling with a reasonable chance to penetrate the armour.

    I'll have to continue to use my Fast >> Forward recollections. It whittles long sessions down to a bite-sized and digestible amount of reading.