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Thursday, August 27, 2009

[RPG] UPDATED Critical Strikes & Attack Bonus ][-

As of now, I have settled on (AB / 5) incremental increase on the Critical Threshold.

Since I allow characters to purchase Levelled-capabilities, like Attack Bonus, at one-higher than their current Character-Level, I've pushed the value back to +5 AB, which is purchasable at Character-Level 4.

Crit- | Attack Bonus-
20. | AB +1 -- +4
19+ | AB +5 -- +9
18+ | AB +10-- +14
17+ | AB +15-- +19
16+ | AB +20 <

So far, I have two very strong votes for a Critical Hit determination Chart-thingie.
--Looking at my Arduin book, I ... > sigh <
---What can I say, guys? This stuff is not attack-type specific; ranges from low-power 'paper cut' to 'body shredded: instant death'. I'd rather give weapons/attacks the power they deserve and have it pretty clear that getting shot by a Mk. VII Blaster is just absolutely going to ruin your day from the game-maths, rather than even Rolemasterean Effect Type Charts, as silly-fun as those are.

I've looked at the Avalon Hill RuneQuest Deluxe box; I've even broken out AFTERMATH!, and neither of them goes anywhere into that kind of detail.
--I'm afraid that if folks want that kind of detail, they'll have to write up their own charts or what-have-you.


  1. When systems are attack site specific (such as GURPS) the effect table doesn't work. I just blogged about my favorite critical hit table and it can only used for non-specific hit locations in combat because the crit roll will determine where you hit.

  2. I am just thrilled that you dug out AFTERMATH! -- man, I loved that game. Unplayable mess that it is.

    Thanks for sharing your thought process on this. Very interesting.

  3. Somehow we managed to run several sessions of that madness, but it was punishing.
    --A! is more of a warehouse of cool ideas from an alternate reality where computer programmers, not wargamers, were the origins of RPGs. Even The Morrow Project never got that weirdly complex, and TMP is no cakewalk. :) Sadly, I thought that the Leading Edge games were more or less of the same vein as A!

    I love comparing mechanical apples, but not so much the Proustian contemplation of what ennui is conjured by granting thieves the ability to have a special Listen at Door chance. That's a bit maudlin for me.
    --3rd Edition GAMMA WORLD's ACT versus the Pacesetter system; the merits of Jorune's Combat Advantage roll over standard Initiative systems; even the practical limits of die-pool mechanics versus hands of cards: I'm there! :D

    I'm glad to have received your comment.