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Thursday, August 27, 2009

[RPG] Distribution of Urutskan Climatic Zones-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Here is a sample of the current sub-project:

Main Entries by Urutskan Climate-

01-10 - Arctic : characterised by the area north of the northern tree line with ice throughout most of the year, and the area in which the average temperature of the warmest month is less than 50 °F.

11-27 - Tundra : is a vast, stark, frozen landscape for much of the year, making it impossible for trees to grow. The bare rocky land can generally only support heath, lichen, and moss.

28-48 - Subarctic : generally consist of peat bogs, rough herbs, grasses, and sedges. Characteristic large land mammals include Utdayk (moose), Ushko (bears), Kyn (reindeer), and Shaleske (wolves).

49-65 - Taiga : defined by both ‘lichen woodlands’ bordering the Subarctic and consisting of tree spreads with lichen ground cover, and ‘closed forests’ bordering the Temperate Cool composed of densely-spaced trees with mossy ground cover. This zone is the single largest percentage of forest on the planet.

66-76 - Temperate Cool : are humid with a forest canopy composed tall mature trees, a shade tolerant understory, a sub-canopy of smaller mature trees, saplings, and suppressed juvenile trees awaiting an opening in the canopy. Below the sub-canopy is a shrub layer of low growing woody plants, and diverse ground cover.

77-84 - Continental : typically, winter temperatures are cold enough to support snow cover each year, while summer produces moderate precipitation. These regions are a mixture of forest, tall-grass prairie, and very productive farmlands.

85-86 - Temperate Warm : typified by rains throughout the year, hot and very wet summers, and mild winters with occasional cold spells. These regions are ideally suited to agriculture, especially that of citruses, grapes, melons, and olives.

87-91 - Subtropical : characteristically cool winters and hot, humid summers, with significant amounts of precipitation throughout the year in most areas. Winter rainfall is derived from large storms that westerly winds steer eastward, while summer rainfall occurs during thunderstorms, occasional tropical storms, and hurricanes/typhoons.

92-99 - Tropical : marked by high temperatures, very humid and cloudy conditions, and heavy rainfall. While winds are usually light, powerful tropical storms can be problematic. The sun is nearly overhead in these regions so it is evenly hot all year. No where else in the world are conditions as ideal for sprawling, lush warm-climate rainforests.

00 - Arid/Hyperarid : any area characterised by a net moisture deficit, and receives less than 10" annual rainfall. These climates include arid areas in temperate regions, and often appear devoid of life, but the flora and fauna have adapted to survive extremely hot days and cold nights when the temperature plummets.

The range to the left is both the percentile-die roll for random determination on the 'big map' scale of overland travel, as well as the actual percentage distribution of the various climatic zones found on Urutsk.

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