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Thursday, August 27, 2009

[RPG] 'Give them charts!' (Location Redux)-

I am struggling with a TMJ-induced headache as I write this.

It has become fairly apparent that the 100 Archetypal Locations isn't going to work in the format I had originally intended, and that several charts would be the better solution.
--As it stands, including a four or five paragraph explanation, I am already up to 5k words. I know you folks don't want to read huge blocks of data only to swap-out particulars.

"Give them charts to roll on!"

You got it, or, at least, will get them.
--Fortunately, extracting the data into the new format won't be an epic undertaking.


  1. Yeah, what he said! :D

    :: Chartification process engaged...

  2. TS, I want charts that exist only to tell me what chart to roll on.