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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My OSR Good-Deed-

My SO's birthday is coming up soon, and I gave her a copy of Revised LL.
--I think she may be formulating a new campaign, based on Indian (subcontinent) Myth, after having watched Sita Sings the Blues with me.

Stay tuned (and enjoy the brilliant piece of animation).


  1. That's a good introduction. :)

  2. The first one is free, but so are all the others too.

    Sounds groovy. Indian myth, fantasy and history are rich and a great change from muddy medieval Euro fare.

  3. The Indian sub-continent is so, so, SO underutilized as an idea mine for D&D campaign settings. Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with! :)

  4. Wow!
    This video is extraordinary, if only for the sheer magnitude of work this would take to create but also for the beautiful story it tells and with such beautiful imagery. Indian Myths are so powerful, and especially when mixed with the plight of a modern female. I believe it is both 2D and 3D images animated? Probably all with Flash.
    I definitely support Nina Paley and her amazing creation. I will pass this along.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Awesome gift, and I hope she does go forward with that campaign idea. Indian mythology is a rich and relatively untapped mine for RPG ideas.

  6. @All: I'm hoping she will run it. It'd be pretty sweet. :)
    --Agreed that the Indian sub-continent is shamefully under utilised. Lhoma is the Urutsk analogue, and serves as the Latter Autumn's 'Viet Nam'. :)

    @Journalizer: Agreed! Amazing amounts of work, even if work-flow/automation tools were used.
    --I love the flying eyes! I want one as a tattoo. :)