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Monday, February 15, 2010

[RPG] General Update-

* There was no game this past Friday, but I have decided to ask Tyb's and Ashta's players to write down a list of five NPCs that will be directly answerable to the respective PCs in their administration of Doran.

* I am writing-up 10 pre-gens for the for-profit expanded edition of Kelzsyn's Bluff & Environs that Rob Kuntz, Sean Wills, and I are working on. I've not made much headway since Friday, but so far, both of the characters are Aberrants, and this, I think, will prove to be an interesting 'kink' in the fabric of the product, both from a play-perspective, but also for gamers who purchase it from a D&D angle.
--As stated a few times, this product will be cross-statted for UWoM and AD&D, with Rob Kuntz writing up those stats, as well as writing an adventure/outline for the very open site-setting.
---Sean's contributions are keeping me moving forward, and always gives me a fresh perspective as well as providing intriguing and engaging points to consider on how to integrate.

* Relatedly, I hope to invite a few other OSR folk who delight us all with their daily or near-daily contributions from their cornicopic imaginations to get involved in upcoming releases. I hope they'll have the time and inclinations to join the team effort.


  1. Just found my backlog of un-moderated comments, and have moderated them. :o

  2. It is exciting to see the progress on this. It may seem slow from your perspective, but every time I check your blog, you are further along.

  3. @bat: Aye! ;)

    @Ken: ;)
    --Thanks. I appreciate it. Nice to know that progress is evident. :D

  4. Just posting to say that these Pre-Gen characters I'm rolling and writing up are a hoot! :D

  5. Sounds great TS. Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet for arelease date?

  6. Tim, the *tentative* release period for the Players' Manual is July or August, with the Kelzsyn's Bluff & Environs product to be released roughly three-weeks prior. The Referee's Manual Would follow approximately six months after the Players'.
    --The only real question is whether I will be releasing a creature and loot book prior or afterwards.

    Thanks for your continued interest and support. :D