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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spielmeister's Blog (UWoM Entry)-

Spielmeister, of Under A Blood Red Sky blogging-fame, has posted THIS regarding the Urutsk: World of Mystery Alpha/Beta .pdfs.

It is with no difficulty that I say I find his blog to be a place of inspiration, too.

May the waters that flood the world end your dry spell. :D


  1. Thank you. Urutsk is just simply awesome!

  2. Followed this from spielmeister's blog, and am downloading your betas.

    Looking forward to some good weekend reading!

  3. Spielmeister: I take that a high complement coming from you. Thanks. :D

    Ka-Blog!: Thanks. :)
    --Please let me know what you think on the Feedback link:

    Have a good weekend, :)