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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th Update-

We have had two gaming sessions with the Secondary Characters of Darius and Mela Mela and their discoveries on the Riverland Peninsula.
--They've even headed to Kelzsyn's Bluff to help stamp out the waterborne disease affecting some in the area.
---It has been fun working with the 'neglected' characters. :)

I am doing my best to finish at least a pre-Production copy of the Vrun Players' Module for a small run for the North Texas RPG Con, starting the 3rd of June.
--Various teas are aiding me in my sleep-deprived efforts to finish in time.
---I think the .pdf release will have to wait until I return from the Con.

I may skip the Thursday night Pathfinder game I play in, but, I may be so burnt-out by then I'll want the break...

Have fun, folks.
--I'll report in before then.


  1. Glad to get an update! Thanks!

  2. Good luck with the Con Kyrinn :)

  3. Good to hear from you! Glad the work is coming along well & good luck at the con!

  4. btw..had a spring clean of my media files, Mutant Scavengers is now here instead:

  5. Thanks, Dave, Sean. :)

    I goofed-off from writing by running the game.
    --I'll have to manacle myself to the keyboard over the weekend.