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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playtest Campaign + Mutants of Marnharnna Mashup (Pt. 18)-

The foretold Black Moon has risen, and it is the Pearl, changing from Aether-aligned to Void-aligned. The attempt to change it to anything but Void resulted in a Water-alignment, and Pearl was about to become Princess Wave's new toy, but it was reverted to Void and was piloted by Delver Denab (Ashta being unable to utilise its Void-tech).

[The Governors of Doran (Tyb and Ashta) have been ousted, and the Kherstic League has taken control of the island nation it purchased from the WICE only a year or two earlier.]

Aberrants, Dokirin warriors and shaman, and Humanoids, as well as the Blue Tree, were all pulled along into the Void, and Delver took the craft up to the Aelbaan starship in orbit in the High Aether. Being Aether-based tech, the Void craft was undetected by passive sensors, and allowed the Black Pearl and all of her occupants to become noncorporeal and slide through both Force Field and Hull. As undead, the crew and fighters acted to take control of the main bridge, and in three Turns (30 minutes) had secured that second-most important position on the ship. However, before the last Aelbaan collapsed from Vampiric fields, he was able to launch the craft on a predetermined emergency course.
--As soon as the more powerful Aether-effect drives initiated, the Black Pearl and her crew/etc. became corporeal and were taken along for the superluminal flight out of the Av system, and already unknown stars distant.


  1. So...I have to ask; which model are you using for Aethyr? I've played around with several in different contexts and am working on a piece describing some of the options/observations that have come up over the course of the various games.

  2. Here is the entry on Aether for the Vrun Player's Module (in other words, the Player's Handbook):

    43 - AETHER : Aether is one of two substances created out of the interplay between Positive and Negative Lightnings, with the other being Void. Aether is an infinite plane of perpetual twilight, with hints of a rainbowed sundown on one horizon, and a prismatic dawn on the opposite. In this dim realm is that which has the appearance of vapour in ripples, ribbons, and curtains, haphazardly overlain and only opaque in dull and muted rainbowed wisps. These scintillate with one of the two distant light sources, both just below the plane, and mere rays dancing upon the silvered, prismatic and kaleidoscopic mists.
    An Aether-linked life is one of an innate awareness of the correspondence between their person on the Mundane and their being on the Aetheric Plane. Dreams and nightmares take on a reality that haunts the creature in its waking hours. They possess a peripheral sight into the ‘Phantom Realm’, so as to give the creature a better sense of incorporeal beings’ location in the Mundane. Subsequently, this creature either does its best to ignore what it senses, or it embraces the dimly-seen realm. The Aetheric individual is either largely contemplative, or mutters softly about things no one else can see. In every case, this awareness makes the individual rather … interesting. Detect Essence Use+ in a (10’ per Magnitude) Radius, at will; and, (MAG x3) DP Reserves, 1x/Day, Does not suffer the ‘Even = miss’ penalty versus incorporeal opponents.

    Patron: Lord Hyperion
    Creature: Ghost

    It is the matrix in which all of the lower Planes are comprised of (except the Void, in which Aether exists, and (-) Lightning which exists outside of the void) and as a result, is an Intrinsic Element for the existence of the Primaries W/E/A/F.
    Aether is also the medium of propagation for Radiance (which means that without Aether the Plane of Shadow would be diminished in scope and volume and variety.

    Aether is both the traditional Etheric Plane and the Astral, fused together, creating the Stuff of Which Dreams are Made.

  3. Very cool. Intriguing cosmology there...