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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crunch all you want, we'll make more-

O-Level 'Old School' PC Death Table-
:: Roll each time a 0-level is struck in combat:

6 - Although already dead, the PC is able to last to the end of next Round, and can attack normally
5 - The PC can toss an item to a comrade before dying on the spot
4 - The PC's death complicates the enemy's movement for one Round
3 - The PC's death complicates the Party's movement for one Round
2 - The PC's death results in all carried gear and loot to shower about his body
1 - The PC explodes in a number of buckets of blood and gore equal to his HP


  1. Thanks. :D
    --Glad to make you smile. :)

  2. Nice. And ignore hit points entirely?
    : )

  3. Chainmail has its Hits, baby!
    --As 0-level peons they ought to es'plode like Dire Corbies (only without the shouts of 'Doom! Doom!')

    I'm mostly serious in the above, but only semi-serious in the post.

    Those who play at NTRPGCon3 will get to experience the streamlined (get dead fast) combat first hand.
    --My Condition Levels gauge virtually eliminates bookkeeping.

  4. Actually, my players may just demand that we use this! :)

  5. @spielmeister: lol. Let us know how that works out for them. :D