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Thursday, May 26, 2011

VANGUARD Warfare on Urutsk-

8.5" x 5.5" Saddle Stitched


  1. Is it digest sized? For some reason the layout reminds me somewhat of the classic traveller LBBs. :)

  2. @BlU: I'm glad. :)

    @spielmeister: It is digest-sized, and produced at home, like Raggi's Green Devil Face had been.
    --The look is somewhat akin to the LBBs, except the image.

  3. I'm thinking some sort of twisted combination of Chainmail, Striker, and Gamma World. You really shouldn't tease us like this, though...!

  4. jefro: I suppose it is a combination of all three. :D
    --It will premier at NTRPGCon3, along with the URUTSK: World of Mystery Core Rules Boxed Set.

  5. Erol Otus, Frank Mentzer, and Paul Jaquays are going to be there! Wow!

  6. Not only that, but I gamed with Erol in Jim Ward's MetAlpha game. Erol's PC, like four or five others, didn't make it. I was among the few survivors. :D We made Erol a sandwich after Jim's game, and we were able to chat about his beginning in RPGs, and the whole story about the Booty and the Beast supplement. It was great fun! :D

    Frank and Jim really dug the URUTSK: World of Mystery boxed set, as did others.

    Paul, Denis Sustare, Christina and I were hanging out talking about their Coleco (and other comp-entertainment company) days. More later, on a formal post.

    Too bad you couldn't make it.
    --Or did you?