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Monday, July 11, 2011

DnD Hit Points as Consciousness, Pt. 6: Energy Doubles-

08th -- Energy Simulacrum
10th -- Energy Clone

At 8th Level, the Field Adept is able to create an energy duplicate of her/himself, which has 50% of the Adept's HP, and is entirely motivated by the concentration of the Adept. This costs 32 THP.

Using the Energy Simulacrum allows the Adept to travel into dangerous situations and interact, albeit in a limited fashion, with the locale at range, effecting healings remotely, as the source node of a generated field, etc. Once the HP are depleted, whether through hits in combat, damaging effects, or through C-Field manipulations, the Energy Simulacrum winks out of existence. Out of combat, the ES lasts 01 Turn per Class Level.

At 10th Level, the Field Adept is able to create and indefinitely maintain an Energy Clone of her/himself, with 75% of the HP. This costs 40 THP.

The Energy Clone is, in essence, a projection of the Adept in a remote location, while her/his body is at rest elsewhere on the same Plane, and may travel an unlimited distance on the same Plane. As long as the Adept is in good health and safe from harm, their roaming psyche may continue to operate in the Clone. In all other fashions, the Energy Clone is identical to the ES, save those differences listed here.

Both are similar to, but not equivalent to the 7th and 8th level AD&D M-U spells.

Do you folks want to see other classes or what have you?


  1. Go! Go! Go! Do not stop until you want to or are out of energy. This is fantastic creative material. Love it!

    When I read your material I have these mini time warps back to the Late 70's Early 80s of my gaming when we just imagined and played. I can see Tekumel, Gamma World, AD&D, Sword and the Sorcerer, Deathstalker, Metalstorm, Conan the novels and comics, the D&D Cartoon, Blackstar, Galtar and the Herculoids and so much more - unfettered imagination griding out ideas to fit in a fantastic world.

    If you are not married or dating, I hereby ask you out for coffee, pastry and conversation! :)

    I am stealing lots of your creative goodies for my games.

  2. Anathematician = killer handle :D

    --I'm glad this is doing something for someone.

    I'm not sure I saw all of Deathstalker, but, yeah, there were those ... wonderful ;D films. Treasure of the Four Crowns, too.

    Taken, but thanks nonetheless.
    --The e-mail conversation is possible.

    Cool. I'd love to read play reports of the effect my stuff has on/in your game, etc.


  3. #1 Thanks :)
    #2 Excellent must watch Treasure of the Four Crowns!

    #3 Drats, all the good ones are taken :) I would enjoy talking about Urutsk and gaming with you.

    #4 Please post your game synopses here. Those would be killer reads!