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Friday, July 15, 2011

DnD: A /Limited Risk/ Check-Method-

Unlike the Roll Under on Multiple Dice, which test against the fixed score of the Ability in question (not knocking it at all), this method gives a fixed Target Number (and I provide both Roll High and Roll Low versions) based on the number of dice rolled.

Low |#d6|High
02- |1d6| 05+
04- |2d6| 10+
06- |3d6| 15+
08- |4d6| 20+
10- |5d6| 25+
12- |6d6| 30+

* 3d6 is still the 'Average' Task

* Level and Ability Score and other Mods ('+2 because you're a Ranger', etc.) could be added/subtracted from the roll, as appropriate for the method one were using.

* Contested rolls would still measure the degree by which each contestant succeeded, with less 'swing' the greater number (4d or more) of dice rolled.


  1. I like it, though I think I'd probably stick with 1 or 2 dice, maybe 3 at the most. (Just a personal preference)

    I like having a handy task resolution mechanic available. It doesn't have to be universal, but it should at least be galactic...

  2. Thanks. I'm glad it worked for you. :D

    lol. :D
    --Nice term