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Friday, September 25, 2009

[PBAM] Tentative Template-

Standard Military-

T: 4d6+2d8 |A: 3d6 (11) |DP: 21
-|3d6+1d8 if C&T is non-Military

Nature: Any

* Light Trooper Armour-
+2d6 x2/+9, +24 Load Bonus, Communications Suite, Tri-Visual Optics

* Assault Rifle-
+4d8 x2/+2, Bullet, Burst-Fire, Magazine 31, Ranged 100'

* Grenade, Thrown-
+2d4 x2/+15 Explosive, Rigged, Thrown, Ranged 15'

* BELL40 Pistol-
+4d6 x2/+3 Bullet, Double-Tap at Half, Magazine 16, Ranged 60'

* Dagger-
+2d6 x1/+3 Edged, Fencing Weapon, Piercing, [Thrown], Ranged 10'


  1. Did I miss the post where you revealed more about this game?

    Guess i'll have to keep coming back for more reveals!


  2. No.
    --This is just an expanded 'stat-block'.

    Collapsed-View would simply be the headers plus the 'figure write-up'

    * The next reveal is that of the game engine.

  3. Thanks.

    My pet game mechanism is not a d20ish game, instead, using various ad hoc pools comprised of Abilities, Backgrounds/Training, Nature, and things like Super-powers, cybernetics, magic effects, etc.

    I am already thinking of the scaled-down version, more along the lines of hosting the 'Dessaux micro-AC/MV'-games (to coin a term), such as Searchers, Shipwrecks, Mutant Scavengers, Mars, etc., etc.