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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Still Here-

...just not very bloggy lately (reading or writing).

Still working on:

[X] PBAM: Powers; however, the Referee's Section is not materialising

[X] UWoM: A few mechanical streamlining changes which will affect CharGen and Combat sections


  1. Good to hear. And don't slack on that referee section I'm already tapping my foot at Troll Lord Games to get their Castle Keeper's Guide out. Keep us posted.

  2. Glad to hear you're still around; games would be a lot duller if you weren't...

  3. I was a bit alarmed, but glad to see that you are hanging in there, get that game of yours all lined up! (please)

  4. Thanks, All,

    I'm hoping this week will be a bit more functional.

    --It may take a while for me to catch up with all of the blogs I'm Sub'd to. I'll reply when I am able.


  5. @TS: Blogging should be fun, not an obligation. And, as my wife has pointed out, it shouldn't be an obsession (hmmm...).

    @Tim: We might be in for a lifetime of tapping.

  6. True, but the public need to see signs of life or else they lose interest.

    My C&C Fighter: 5 / Assassin: 2 ('Class-and-a-Half'), now that she has received a couple of stat-boosts and a flaming longsword, is actually a lot of fun to play.
    --I'm glad they have revised the PHB or whatever it is called.
    ---I may actually pick up a copy...maybe.

  7. Oh, hey! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of your comments, but you don't need to feel obligated to reply to my blog all the time, especially when you are busy!

  8. October is a tough time for me to focus, lately I've been more into rereading the Mayfair Witches series for my Halloween pleasure. Folks like us need a break too from time to time.

  9. I spent all day digging holes to plant trees.

    Much less fun than writing. :D