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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[RPG] Armours of the Ancients: 01-

Armour of the Ancients-

'Class': The first value (Light, Medium, Heavy) is to determine proficiency. The second value is the bonus to Defence (for DAC users, simply apply this as a minus from 8 or 10, or whatever your rules set uses as the base, although GMs may wish to multiply the value by 2). The last value is a modifier to Critical Tests (Saving Throws) of an Area of Effect nature, including fireballs, dragons breath, etc.

KMerMoul ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Field Suit')
* Type: Camouflaged, Insulated, Water-proof Jumpsuit and retractable hood
* Class: -/+0/+1 v. Physical AoE CT
* Protection: see
* Power: n/a
* Weight: 1 Lb.
* Frequency: B

:: Just as stated, this is the most ubiquitous piece of military protective gear precisely because it offers so little additional benefit, beyond its insulated water-proof capability.
:: With the hood pulled over the head, the wearer not only receives the +1 on Physical (including Bio/Chem) Area of Effect Critical Tests, but reduces any damage sustained in such an Effect by 1d6 points.

KMerM(A-Y)l ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Environmental Suit')
* Type: Camouflaged, Self-sealing Protective Suit
* Class: Light/+1/+3 v. Physical AoE CT
* Protection: 2d6
* Power: n/a
* Weight: 2 Lb.
* Frequency: K

:: This type of protective gear was commonly referred to as 'E-Sheath', and once developed, became the standard under-armour and un-armoured covert operations suit for decades.
:: It is an extension of the previous Moul-type suit, but of a much more sophisticated weave and material which clings to the wearer's skin via an chemo-electrostatic field generated by the occupant. This degree of form-fitting insulation is further augmented by an inner layer of mycelial (fungal) cells that process the wearer's waste products and provide remarkable protection given its light weight.
:: With the hood pulled over the head, the wearer not only receives the +3 on Physical (including Bio/Chem) Area of Effect Critical Tests, but reduces any damage sustained in such an Effect by +1d6 (a total of 3d6) points.

KMerSmou ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Scout Suit')
* Type: Camouflaged, Self-sealing Protective Suit
* Class: Medium/+2/+3 v. Physical AoE CT
* Protection: 2d6x2
* Power: 10/Hour
* Weight: 5 Lb.
* Frequency: L

:: Composed of a thin (.67") bioglass-polycarbonate laminate, this chitin-inspired suit type offers significant protection at minimal weight. More impressive, however, is its faculty to convert a fraction of the wearer's movement and store it in a special myomer layer as electro-chemical energy, off of which its internal processes (air and water filtration and circulation [including stored air-supply], temperature regulation [+/- 30*F], integral sensors and Heads Up Display [HUD], camouflage circuitry, and data/gear/weapons port power) operate.
:: Archaeological evidence suggests that this style of suit was used almost exclusively by the Ancients who dwelt upon the Marnharnnan continent, as caches and battlefield finds are most ubiquitous there, with very little in the way of variation over decades if not centuries, although identical suits have been found on virtually all other landmasses in the same configurations, especially in the dense Lhoman jungle expanse (in great numbers, along with specific makes of KMH and KMSV weapons). Similar suit types are apparent in other regions, but none exhibit all of the above listed features, and many were tailored to meet specific environmental applications (cold weather and low pressure atmosphere, amphibian mode, urban, etc.).
:: This suit is worn over the E-Sheath, and is factored in with its protection. Without the E-Sheath, the v. AoE effect is reduced by 2.


  1. What I've noticed over the equipment posts is how your statblocks and descriptions are nicely balanced - there's precise technical/setting details but they're still pretty concise and understandable.

    Good stuff ;)

  2. Sean, thank you very much for saying so.
    --I appreciate the feedback. :)

  3. Man it seems like everything is reminding me of Dune nowadays! Does KMerM(A-Y)l suit process the wearers feces and urine into drinkable water or that redundant on such a moist planet?

  4. :)
    No. It electrolysises them for additional power, and feeds the mycelial layer of the suit.
    --Your reasoning is sound. :D