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Thursday, March 4, 2010

[RPG] Aberrations and Powers begun in earnest-

I'm currently working on the long-postponed Aberrations & Powers section of the rules, and I think readers familiar with 2nd Edition Villains & Vigilantes will find the format of the powers similarly open to expansion and user-definition (, and ability to compound).

In this setting, unlike Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World, possessing obvious physical mutations is cause enough for persecution, usually (if not almost invariably) leading to the Shre's death. As a result, the Physical Mutations are less desirable than the discrete Mental Mutations.

Given that said aberrations exist in a significant enough percentage of the population of Urutsk so as to, over generations, have created the Humanoids of the setting, an exhaustive list of such creatures will not need to be detailed, as each region (let alone each 'incarnation' of the game found in the various playgroups upon publication) will have its unique manifestations.
--Still, there will be some canonical examples for completeness-sake, and to act as a spur for the creativity of the Referees of UWoM or whatever other system one would choose to use.

I have completed the initial list of the beneficial Mental Aberrations, and am starting upon their detailing (or possibly completing the Physical Aberrations list), today.
--My highly disrupted sleep cycle is mucking things up a bit, but I'll soldier on. ;D

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  1. Have you considered the impact of discrete physical mutations such as the ability to digest cellulose, an expanded sensory-capability such as infrared/ultraviolet receptors, or immunity to all disease? Not all physical mutations need to be outrageous like sprouting moose antlers, though that can be fun sometimes. The right sort of physical mutation could very easily become the secret ability conferred by a hidden blood-line that has been practicing a discrete Heinlein-style private/cultic eugenics program in the background for generations...

    Just a thought. I'm hoping to get a chance to go over your manuals shortly. It's very interesting how you've built-up your system and it looks like a lot of fun to play.