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Friday, August 21, 2009

[Playtest Campaign] Windswept Straits, Ahoy!-

Now, down Ray, and Tybalt's player being out of town (and possibly Delver/CiCi's as well), I have to see whether today's session will involve the LGS owner making a character (one with the unique ability to be NPC'd at a moment's notice), and my SO's two characters.

At the end of the 'Find the spaceship, save the city' scenario, the PCs asked their Kherstic League patrons for a governance role.
--While I am interested in that now misty and near-mythical 'endgame win', I don't want it too soon (the Primary PCs are about 7th level, while their 2ndaries are about 5th).

To bring them up a level or two, I have plans for a piratical, island-hopping, Fort-reinforcing string of ideas to which I hope they will take well.
--Located in the Windswept Straits across the Ocean of Storms, the setting mirrors the Caribbean insomuch as that it has the peninsular Riverland area to the north/west, and a great number of islands with a melange of cultures, immediately above the Chaos Isles that are the rough analogue of a detached South America (roughly to southern Brazil). These islands and isles, keys, and sand bars are inhabited by the fierce and generally insane Khark, and their high-born cousins, the Kaukara ('World-Wise Ones').

Neither a Columbian apologist, nor a Columbian hater, I hope to illustrate the difficulties of attempting to bridge such radically different cultures, should the party (eventually? Inevitably?) cross their path.
--Meanwhile, the Western Isles Concord Empire (WICE) fortifications in the region, rife with VCA and Federated City Council (etc.) intrigues, as well as the occasional sorcerer(ess), and plantation uprising will hopefully hold their attention and drive them closer to their desired goal of becoming Stronghold Builders and Governors in their own right.

An after-action report this weekend or Monday.

Have fun gaming! :D