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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Critter Template, TV, and my (eventual?) Run for the Presidency-

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I'm working through Gamma World and I'm cherry picking through MM, FF, and will add a few versions of thigs from MM2 -- all of those are the AD&D ones, not later editions.

When I am not sleeping, pizzaing, or driving, I'm writing, cat fooding, me fooding, and TVing.

I have finished Revolution, and it was both not good, great, and OK.

I will slot it into the Post-Apocalyptic TV timeline well prior to The 100, but even before, Tribes of Europa.

Yes, 6th and 7th Seasons The 100 did resolve characters' arcs', but many of them were literal deconstructions, or subtractive mirror events which neutralised/synthesised the character equation.  So much more should have been done with that -- it should have been a prequil, rather than the capstoen seasons, but I am fine with it.  Fine.  This is Fine.

Logan's Run the series is so nice, so much in the same overall milieu as Classic Battlestar Galactica -- Head Canon: The Galactica reaches earth of Logan, Jessica, and REM's time.  Time travel must not be tampered with, we know that now...

Rewatching ARROW, yes, I know...grown-ups watch, BANSHEE, instead, but, I was able to do both, and I'll likely do it again.  Laurel on ARROW is so effing pretty, her eyes -- her eyes!  Season 1 is so innocent and Count of Monte Cristo in comparison to shark-jumping it!

Incrementally watching my fave movie, The Ninth Gate, and also re-watching the Damien 666 series, now on HULU.

S3 Motherland: Ft. Salem, 2nd episode wasn't actually and episode -- its narrative structure was a like a sentence fragment where

Mood: I'm increasingly interested in becoming the President of the US.  Can I count on your support?

Question: Is 'Texting' a Gerund?