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Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend 5e Urutsk Update Aug 30-31st


Saturday Urutsk 5e Game-

^ Acolyte Vrun Oath of the Ancients Paladin with Assault Scout, with (Engineering?), BioSci and Survival Instructor starship Caste Clan Training Backgrounds.  Water Blooded.

^ Sage Western Isles Vrun Wizard with BioSci and Food Service Tech Backgrounds.  Earth Blooded.

The paladin mustered out in the Fernglens and looked for something to do.  Reports of burglaries, rumours of an Ancient arteact or relic found in the area.  A troupe of performers arrive at the Red Dawn tavern and begin shenanigans until someone gets offended and leaves with his mate in a huff.  They  are dropped dead by phantasmal Reaper appearing in a white cloud.  The paladin determines it is neither good nor evil, and cannot be bothered to do anything to it.  The reaper disappears and the folks inside learn that the locals were killed.  TLDR: A duellist and a confidence artist in the troupe were running an Antagonist/Protagonist scam in the towns they visited, and when the duellist should have died, instead, one of the locals instead dies in his place.  This tracked down to a cursed necklace and the Wizard uses Scortching Ray to heat it up and burns a day's 1st level slot to break the enchantment.  The duellist dies when this happens.

Days later, the paladin now a deputy, is on patrol and spots the suspected burglar, and intervenes after a murder is committed.  TLDR: The humanoid has no idea about laws or order and stole the metal to fuel its Elemental Earth Blood diet (although it had a sweet tooth for preserves).  It summons an elemental gnome in its likeness (but shorter) who is ready to wreck the place until he is released, but the wizard dismisses it.  They hang the creature from chains and it slides through after snapping its neck, and the chains rust at the noose.
The wizard sold failed spells to the Guild Council for 100 gp.

Sunday Urutsk 5e Game-

^ Female Vrun Tempest Cleric with Elemental Blood Silt (Lord Worm)

^ Khark Hermit Fighter (Earth Blood?)

^ Yirinn Outlander Fighter with a host of Starship skills and Earth Blood

^ Vrun (Outlander? Hermit?) Fire Blooded Barbarian

^ Western Isles Vrun Frost Blooded Wizard

After last session, we were down the Yaesh Shadow Blooded Monk, but up the Khark and Barbarian.  The forge operator couldn't communicate in any of heir languages, but he Fire Barb is also a Smith and they emphatically sussed out each other's intent through their shared connections.  The Green Sneer bellows operator was trying to sell the PCs out to the Big Bads on lower levels, but our Yirinn is a living lie detector, and even without sharing a language, could tell the Khark who was capable of communicating with the GSneer he was lying.  The forge operator tried to kill the Green, but was stopped by the Cleric who didn't understand his motivation.  That honour went to the Yirinn who split him in twain.  Not long afterwards, they loot the Violet Sneer overseer and get magical goodies: three Fire Beads worth a +1 Level Fire Magic effect each, cumulative; next, a crystal 'drive' capable of down and up-loading magic to devices built to use.  The Yirinn kept that after intuitively determining its function (Dual Brain and Heightened Brain Function).  He also determined that there is an active subterranean trade in place, by the coins the overseer was carrying (in addition to a nifty pocket knife).

The party doesn't heed the forge operator's advice, and get Slept by a Night Hag; all except the Barb who succumbs to her Frightful Visage [her true form is that of Black Beetles crawling over her skeleton].  They wake up and the Khark and Barb fail saves and go off to each gain 1 negative level in the Succubus sauna.  The rest of the party are being straight talked to by the Vampire that they can freely drink of his chalice and perform a Geas, or they can die and know they've sentenced their buddies to become undead.  The Cleric pours out he black blood onto the ancient floor and the dust and crumbling mortar form a Silt which she drinks up after burning 12 HP for 3d6 Silt Effect and contacting Lord Worm who gives her the OK.  TLDR: Lord Worm is the Vamp's boss, too, and the kids are sent on their way; the negative levels are converted to obligation to Lord Worm tattoos, and the Cleric gets a big one on her chest, marking her as His chosen.  She is leveled up to 3rd and they are now free to go.  The Yirinn who had been Charmed to lap up the black blood gains 30' Darkvision and his canines grow.