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Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Milieu][RPG] A Sample Location-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

* Kyhuryk Yann, Governor of Ylliriym and Environs [M]:

Ylliriym <-Journey [of] Darkness: Knights, Nobles, and Prisoners-> is one of several interior sites within the various arcologies carved out of the mountain rock that grant access into the depths of the earth, and into which the earliest and chiefest explorers descended never to return. In the intervening centuries, other expeditions have furthered the knowledge of the once populated underworld, but it has been reported that the number of semi-worked tunnels are too numerous to adequately map even in preliminary degrees, and that the bizarre creatures battled were so horrific that men flung themselves screaming into the stygian depths rather than face the things.
Ylliriym is not as active these years as in times past, but it is now open for foreigners to explore, once they (buy a licence and) are deputised as representatives of the Black Crown, and accompanied by Ylliriymn troops <-The least of all Men, -Crowned; Dedicated Knights, [of] Dark Travel->, with the understanding that payment is only in the form, of treasures found. The Ylliriymn are under orders to recover artefacts of the Ancestors, --greedy foreign adventurers be damned. To facilitate the official exploration efforts, domestic manufacturing companies have storefronts and limited-scale production of the most common and disposable items. Other enterprising businesses (including foreign-owned and operated) fill the rest of the space within the adventurers’ city, such as arenas, brothels, inns, restaurants, ymdre stables, and temples.
Before entering the city, the individual must submit to a full examination, and to the collection of humours and evidences so as to be able to compare them with returned remains, or the apparent individual. Although the atmosphere in Ylliriym is one of excitement and privilege, Ylliriymn are everywhere as are more clandestine intelligence elements which are laced throughout the vigilant community’s resident and transient populations.

[RPG] Second Stage of Cover Info.-

In the words of Chevy Chase, "I LIKE IT!"

The sketch with preliminary characters/figures has me very excited and feeling very positive about the final product.

Peter Mullen's cityscape in the immediate background is such a great contrast the the foreground elements that it really conveys the difference between the time of the Ancients and the contemporary period.
One of the two characters I was most interested in seeing, was among the three depicted in this sketch-state. She is already showing the sort of fine detail Peter is known for that separates him from some of the old guard demigods. Simply the fall of her gathered tresses, not to mention the tome from which she is reading to the party as they observe the city --these details, so early in the project just warms my heart.

I am now gathering images to couple with succinct notes for interior illustrations.

I'll have to see if he feels comfortable drawing maps.