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Friday, January 21, 2011

Playtest Campaign, etc.-

Last week I was ill and there was no session.

Previous session amounted to the group having a combat that they won in perhaps 3 Rounds (I can't roll Initiative for my NPCs to save their lives), which then granted the whole kit and caboodle of them (including the Blue Tree and the Humanoids) to gain the system-ship's shuttle.
--Ashta took control of the shuttle's escape pod, to make up for the loss of 'the pearl' that had been converted to Void and subsequently piloted by Delver Denab.

Thursday I spoke with one of my Players who is newer to the group, and who, although possessing two characters roughly on par statistically with the rest of the veteran PCs, is behind the curve as far as raw weirdness and power. We talked out a few of his Khem fencer/bodyguard's off-screen activities, and that opened up a few pertinent facts about the path the Aelbaan starship is taking, and why that is likely inimical to their continued existence.

The character was gifted by the Santa-soldier with a sort of glass harmonica which evoked a genetic memory of an ancestor upon a human starship, who narrowly escaped to a habitable (and inhabited) planet.
--We discussed how the differences between the ancestor and the descendant blurred even on the causal level, and that concerns about 'simply repeating the ancestors actions' proved unimportant as the actions the character in the present would want to undertake are the actions the ancestor apparently did take. More than simple glimpses of scattered ancestral memories, the Khem is experiencing an entirely different life at a rate of days and weeks on the planet to hours on the constantly accelerating starship.

I wonder if I'll have enough time to one day write the secrets of the Khemesh origins?