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Monday, December 19, 2022

From Autumn to Winter's Edge

My time in Tennessee has, so far, been very pleasant, environmentally.

I've been learning guitar and music theory and writing both lyrics and music, but haven't yet really made that breakthrough in my playing where the fifteen or so chords, and what little of the Pentatonic Scales I have learnt, unite in a moment of emergent play.

I'm still working on AULDGORY, and B/X Blackrazor is still working on B/X URUTSK, so, don't despair loyal readers, when his work is released, I'll be posting Gaming Content here again.

In the meanwhile, my amateur photography is improving nearly every day, with changing foliage and fiery fuchsia and electric plum sunsets.


Under an Old Umbrella
-- Marissa Nadler

And I met him yesterday
Under my old umbrella
And I met him yesterday
Under the skies of azure
And turquoise was the color of his eyes
And bitter were the color of mine

For me, this song always evokes Cabanel's, Fallen Angel.

Talk again,