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Monday, May 18, 2009

[RPG] Critter (Limited OGC)-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Limited OGC Creature-

Text between ]OGC[ symbols is designated Open Gaming Content under the Open Gaming License version 1.0a.

Hish Marik (< -Flying Bounder- >,'Vial Bite')-
Fight Dice: 3+3**
Resolve: +6
Defence/Armour: +8 (immune: Flank|Rear|Sneak)/1d6
AB: +4
# Attacks: Clutch/Rake/Bite/Clutch-Rake-Bite
Damage: Str 14 Grapple/1d8+1d4/1d6 + Toxin (1d6 + Health Test or 1d6 ea. for 3 Turns)
Move: Walk 40' Run 100' Fly 280'
Organisation: Solitary 80%, with 3d4 young 15%, mating #1d8 5%
CT: +3/+5 v. Reflex, etc.
Loot: Type II-I; 50% Type III; 25% 2Sd6 Commons
XP: 320
Rust to Ochre-coloured creatures with black vertical stripes overall, and rosettes of black dots over their paler hindquarters and long black-tipped tail. Their overall shape is tiger-like except the immediately obvious fact that it is spider-eyed and without a neck, hexapedal (six limbed) with long and slender legs, and has feathered wings. The front two limbs are without manipulators and are used for locomotion and Clutching, where they attempt to pin the victim. The second pair of legs terminate in bird-foot-like toes with an opposing digit with which they run, climb, and manipulate objects. The hind pair are powerful flanks that allow them to climb very steep surfaces with the minimum of holds, or leap 3x their Walking or Running speed in height, or 5x that speed if a long jump.
These hunters are aloof from the goings-on in their environment until either prey or a threat present themselves. It is at this point that the Hish Marik pounce upon their victim and viciously clutch, rake, and bite until their victim has ceased to struggle, or the hunter must abandon the fight. They are of average human intelligence in all ways, and exceptionally clever ambush killers and tool users. Accordingly, they will only remain in a losing fight if it is for their life, but may attempt to surrender or ransom themselves. They understand the gist of human speech, and have displayed the capacity to communicate in clicks and gestures.