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Monday, July 18, 2011


(TL;DR at the end)

The session was minus Brazilian Buddha who was AWOP (...without phone), so C. and I set up on a blasted terrain bed on the gaming table (like a sand table, but with pre-fab square plastic terrain pieces).

We had discussed the scenario in the car: One Side are the defenders, the other Side are trying to take control of the town's well. The attackers have an armed aircar, but are outnumbered by 3 defenders. C. chose to play the attackers, and started off with a strafing run, killing one exposed figure outright, and collapsing two different structures, injuring two and pinning one of three figures. Content with that mayhem, she had the all-female crew dismount from the open aircar and spread out near the well.

My defenders began filing out of their respective holes, and the fighting commenced. My leader was soon to expire, but the battle was fairly evenly divided between dead piles, until my pinned bloke finally got himself free and grenade-blasted the attackers' (current?) leader.

Next time, I think I'll go for the Attacker role, and have BB and C. play the defenders.

TL;DR = Grenades and Rocket Launchers FTW