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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Update-

As the Player of the Khem, Yirinn, and the character Kitsune will be away tomorrow, there's no weekly game.

I am presently working on the Vrun alphabet as a True Type font.
--It is a bit of a hit-or-miss process, as it isn't always exactly WYSIWYG, but a far cry better than that freebie that was linked to around the OS blogosphere some time ago.
---Perhaps the best part is that I can map the entire standard keyboard output to meaningful Vrun equivalents, including the mathematical operators and non-standard punctuation marks.

With the four-month to print-in-hand deadline very clear in my mind, I am doing my best to write, edit, and simplify all at one time, which isn't the best way to do anything of this sort, but fortunately, I have multiple proofreaders, game editors, and veteran RPG developers on my side.
--I'm not proclaiming typos or inconsistencies won't creep under the wire, rather, that it won't be a jumbled mess.

I have an excellent Classic OS artist producing the (TBA) Referee's Manual cover, and was fortunate enough to have garnered two artists in Minneapolis due to Jeff Berry's kind assistance.
--My sweetheart has also provided a few illos so far, and one is the Urutsk logo which I hope to release in the not-so-distant future.

A Skype UWoM game with both Milwaukee and Minneapolis players is in the works, and will consist of a number of the Players who attended my game in the Tekumel dungeon. ;)

Reed Decker of the Watchsun novels has written an early draft of an article on Diceless Gaming for inclusion in the Ref's Manual, but don't hiss and make X's in the air at me, it won't be the standard mode.

The beta documents from LuLu look pretty nice for what they are.
--I expect the VPM will be many times nicer if only by way of the artwork and actual layout-work.