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Sunday, April 18, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] Brief (&) [Update]-

:: We played. Stuff happened. Didn't happen. Happened differently. and again.
--Player frustration at lack of direction prompted me to introduce a passive guide. I'll have to ramp it up, apparently.
:: Changes on the page have overtaken the incidence of changes in-play, and I am hoping the store-politic-clique stuff calms down soon, so that we can take the game into the 'End Game' phase of property management and task delegation to new and starting characters (generated from the new procedure). I think the situation is too far advanced to be saved, which is a pity. We may not all share a common respect and admiration for each other, but we were all raised to be courteous and civil.

:: Busy writing the revision...
:: Overall reduction in power-level (toned down the Ability Modifiers table, etc.)
:: Playtesting the extremes has helped determine the desired fine-tuned averages. Sometimes, I think the Playtest-nature has conflicted with 'playing it' for its own game-sake. --I have an offer or four for final playtest groups, and hope to complete enough of it for the NTRPGCon player handout.
:: Pandora has been playing a nice mix of stuff so far today.