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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[Gaming] An Unused Play By Web Character-

This was for a supposed 'Pirate' game that turned out to be an excuse for someone's sexual fantasies, prompting me to drop it like a stone.
--What a waste.

Character (c) Copyright 2007 Kyrinn S. Eis

Dame Raquel Malfoy-

The Dame stands 5'6" and still retains her dancer's figure. She is wont to wear a reinforced bodice regardless of her other elements of dress. While she is entirely comfortable in proper society, amongst lessers she scandalously wears trousers of buckskin leather, and the high, soft boots en vogue with musketeers.

Upon her hips are crossed belts, one which hangs with the trusty rapier she often makes final negotiations, and the other with its sister main gauche parrying blade/sword breaker.

Her descent is perhaps Alsatian, as it clearly favours more Germanic features than Gaulic. However, her French is flawless and harkens to Provence. Her Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, and Scots Gaelic are also all flavoured with native accents. The few who have ever heard her speak German may have realised a more Boehm-inflection before their death.
When the Dame speaks English, it is with a noticeable French accent. Her Latin is Classical.

The Dame's ship is named, Nephthys, and is a shallow-draught, mixed-rigging vessel with a more than reasonable cargo hold to its small crew size. It bristles with Culverin mounts and Demi-Culverin emplacements. The Dame prefers grapeshot, so as to minimise the damage to vessels she boards.

In no way does Dame Malfoy disguise her casual disregard for human life.

Her sorcery is based upon many long decades of research from such diverse sources as tribal witchdoctors of Africa, to Oriental Alchemy and Black Magic, to more commonplace Kabbalistic and Sumerian/Babylonian mysticism and theurgy.

Raquel is a false name, which is a private joke, referencing the term, Rake-hell; one who stokes the flames of hell through their wanton lifestyle. In truth, the woman has long ago abandoned carnal excess for the power she has gained through her studies and the few pacts to which she has bound herself. When she feels she needs to act the tart, or the sly woman of the world, she does so with practised skill.

Of late, after the discovery that her last child had taken to the life of a pirate, and been hanged for the offence, the Dame has begun to soften. At present, she toys with the idea of founding a nation free from all social constraints, where all humans, even the black and red primitives and yellow heathen can live without fear of the Church. She has Florida in mind for this notion, and has made inroads to deal with the pirates which frequent the so-called Keys, and the Ten Thousand Islands of the south-west of the peninsula.