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Monday, March 25, 2019

The New Zoo Crew (2?)

1 Swamp 'Troglodyte' Wetlander Scout
1 Cephalomalian Wetlander Psion
1 Skyger Technician

There appears to be a burgeoning land-grab on ___-Beta, a Warm Terrestrial world with 60-something percent surface water; one of two livable worlds in a Binary Star system.

Almost all of the indigenous sentient avianoids have either left the world, or died on Beta, and the Wetlander expansion into the system has only sped this process. Now, even an Abbekqorru mercenary group have entered the system en route for Beta, as the crew of the Scout ship pulls a dangerous Half-Hyperdrive in-system manoeuvre (blowing out a component which will be very costly to replace on the Betan frontier).

This is an era of Hyperdrives, before Warp-, and before Jump-drives. The necessity to take long and circuitous routes to systems physically adjacent, but without direct Hyperspace lane access makes for a method similar to Traveller Jump limitations where some systems will remain out of reach even with a J6, and anyone with a Warp drive will be immensely rich.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

How does this 'homage system' advance long-awaited UWoM?

So, another off week after the abrupt return home for a daddy player. This is the homage rpg playtest week game.

I have two subsector maps ready, the first to transcribe my notebook paper depiction of the border region the first two sets of PCs were adventuring. The new one is for the further off section of the (somewhat heavily-) implied setting. I can't see a reason not to include a spacewarp connection between the two maps, so, that will likely happen.

This work has helped solidify the procedural chargen of Urutsk, especially the class-level based mini-game which we haven't used in ... has it really been, 'years'? The homage system is roughly half-scale mechanisms-wise, and there is even a quasi-percentile chart to aid in the conversion between systems (and time periods). It is especially important in bridging Porphyry: World of The Burn, with Urutsk: Worlds of Mystery, both mechanically, as well as thematically.

Let's see...
As far as the homage system, I still need to finish worldgen, add ship components/systems, and include a few spot rules. I'm not sure if this will actually come in under my original page count, but it should be close.