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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hasty Re-Cap Re: Campaign-

I've roughly 1.5 Hours before the game is slated to start.

Here's a FF>> of last week's game:

The crew of the shuttle landed after scouting around the worldlet they were closest to upon exiting the energy trough of the CVE. It is composed of a green mineral of a shade between emerald and jade. There are large bits of rock and debris (some of which looks like ship structure) suspended in the exosphere of the highly-irregularly-shaped planetoid, while the surface is not only pock-marked with impact craters, but due to the shape and shallowness of the atmosphere, many impacts have been simply flown in horizontally and smashed outcroppings of the green mineral-rock. The area of the worldlet above its equator is hard-packed soil and dust of a more terrestrial sort. The greenscape is rife with large and small mineral life forms, as well as creatures that appear to have been infused with the stuff in the form of armour plating or spines, etc.

It is on the brown-top that the shuttle observed structures (mostly ship hulls or cargo containers) half-buried in the brown dirt, but also jump-pack users and VTOL aircraft scrambling to intercept them. The transmissions were in some sort of Yirinn-Khem-Vrun hybrid, and included a game of something akin to Lacrosse.
--Once J.'s characters spoke up on the comm, the situation de-escalated quickly, and the shuttle was escorted to a landing pad quickly beset by reporters, observers, and the general population.

Meet and greet was held off until after the space-suited PCs were checked out using medical equipment and cleared for face to face interactions.
--Tyb, in 2D shadow-form, bypassed all of that and then popped up in the sterile environment to 'spook' the folks.

Lt. Plissken and Officer Rockatansky quickly distanced themselves from the group once Tyb began his initial 'I am a god' routine, which was simply met with coordinated 'Light e'm up, boys' military no-nonsense troop manoeuvring behind cover, and the prep of jump scouts and the re-fuelled jump-jets.
--Cooler heads prevailed and the group was handed e-readers with a message from Overseer Daen (their Kherstic League handler) congratulating them on surviving their posterity and so forth, and suggesting that as part of the KL, their participation in the Quest was still ... appreciated. The opportunities wherever they were (she gave no indication she knew when they would be found, let alone where) seemed to be a good re-boot for their enterprise, and they received a condensed version of future history from their perspective, including what happened to Doran and Kelzsyn's Bluff in the subsequent centuries. Daen acknowledge the high likelihood that she was long-dead by the time the PCs were viewing her courtesy comment.

We held it there.