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Monday, November 28, 2016

Two of my Alternating Weekly Games Update

Planet on the Edge of the Former Galaxy: Investigation of the connection between Jezebel Pearmother, wife of king Ahab Pearlmother, of the pirate city of Pearl, were cut short due to the arrival of the Dragon invaders.  The PCs and freedom fighters left the city and fled to caves outside of town.  Their progress was very linear and eventually led them to an encounter with Drow in the employ of the Dragon Empire.  The Drow took a few captives to illustrate that they had accomplished their search, but not only let the others go, but also left them a few survival supplies.

15th Experience Level Campaign characters have transitioned from the Urutsk universe to the Grim Darkness of the Future in that setting the UKers would sue (or at least C/D) me if I mentioned their IP.  As all three of the players has at least one Haelbean character, they became Space Elves (tm).  The adorable little flying eyeball critter became a Service Skull (tm), and the cyborg machinehead assassin guy became, you guessed it, a Technical Adept (tm).  Everyone and thing became Grimdarkified and grotty.  They had to hastily create a Yuri Geller Field ;) to avoid Kaos nasties consuming them as they travelled through the VVorp.  Exiting due to inclement weather in the VVorp, the ship exited to realspace and noted a system with not much to recommend it except a moon sized garden world with a station in orbit.  [FF>>]  The party determined (both through recordings and psychic impressions/retro telepathy) that Kaos-corrupted Technical Adepts had tortured a woman who appeared to be a Space Elf, and were questioning her about her reasons for being in the system, etc.  She killed one of them, and opened up a VVorp down to the planetoid's surface.  Pirate friends of the woman showed up and torpedoes were fired and destroyed by the party's Ancientech (tm) ship.  Parley and partying ensued and the two groups went down to the surface, only to be fired upon by the Technical Adept who seemed to have dominated her via cybernetics, using her vast Psyche powers against the n/pcs.  She survives his accidental self destruction when his Melty Gun (tm) catastrophically esplodes.  Technical Adepts from the friendly pirate ship determine that there is foul Kaos stuff afoot, and, indeed, there is.  Using a receptacle, a Demon in spirit form had occupied the nearly fleshless Heretical Technical Adept, and was about to lay down the law -er- Kaos on the group, when a device from the Urutsk universe sent enough of it away to the Shadow Plane that it destroyed the casing and revealed the Lich for what it was.  Lord Shadow has a new plaything.  :)  The Space Elf psyche captain feels a disturbance in the VVorp and leads a Technical Adept to a cave where they find a large structure made up of cogitated, young Psyche skulls, all networked together.  Forcefield + chainsaw axe wielding TA says, ~'zzt Abomination zzt'~, while a more human voice from him says, '...the Engineering...', before he tears into the structure.  [FF>>]  Bad news: the skulls were mostly under 20 years of age, and were apparently bred/raised on the same world, and all possessed Psyche powers.  Good news, a dangerously zealous, but unpredictably understanding Warrior Nun (tm) (recently became Governor of a planet now named Virtue), is the pirate captain's contact, and she is the one to speak with to find out what in the Kaos is going on, and put an end to it.  Two Technical Adepts are coming along to add validity to the pc group's claims, etc.  At the lawless space fort, Aimless, it is seen that a Privateer House is assembling a fleet of war craft, and pressing scum into service for what appears to be a major surface engagement, as well.  A warning dispatch is sent to the War Nun governess...