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Saturday, March 20, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] 19th, March-

Roughly two weeks after the fall of the house of Ahzenbakh and the dispelling of the Shorrannin-induced psionic delusion of the goat demon/green flame, the Governors of Doran have re-located to the old Ahzenbakh mansion, having granted the old Governorial mansion to lady Miren, who has changed her last name to Sovalt. In the exchange, Miren Sovalt has been made the Dean of the Governor's Academy, and the unused rooms set up as dorms for the most excellent students (comprised both of orphans of the pirate attack, as well as children of the entitled and wealthy eager to have the best education [read as: status] afforded their progeny).

Business dealings have brought the purchase of much of the island by the Guild Council to the Governors' attention, and a reception was held by said group in the hopes of securing their favour/capitulation. It was an interesting set of conversations as deals were made to have the Guild Education system integrated with the Academy, in exchange for a cut of all profits from Guild business. Likewise, Mela Mela's apothecary businesses and weapons shoppes have been brought into the fold, as it were, with Mela now an official Doctor of Medicine, and the author of the Pharmaceutical Purity Standards (as well as fronting her own independent regulatory investigations agency of the industry). Tyb also met Marnharnnan businessmen who were affiliated with the Kherstic League (possibly undercover), who urged that the Governors make the effort necessary to purchase and protect frontier parcels on the mainland. Mela was approached by a Marnharnnan woman who identified herself as an agent of the Marnharnnan Defence Agency, and asked Mela to make the trip to a region of the Riverland Peninsula to aid in diagnosing and treating an unknown illness growing to epidemic proportions.

With Mela and Darius off to the mainland, Tybalt (actually Tybylt based on the meaning of his name, --my mistake. I'll have to go back and edit all of these posts with the incorrect spelling.) and Ashta were preparing to set off on the journey to the realm of the Shlzm who transported the Sphere to the Shadow Plane to further 'her' self-repairs. To this end, Tybylt travelled to visit the Sphere, and encountered some extremely long-limbed creatures fascinated with the scintillating 'pearl' in the deep glooms of that realm. The Sphere stated that she would be well enough to get underway (save low fuel) in a matter of hours. Upon return to the Mundane Realm, Tybylt [Oh, look, a squirrel! ;p ] decided to launch his anti-smuggling operation in earnest, and affected a cover identity, Yihi ('Ending Song'), a flautist of moderate renown.

Setting off, he studies outside talent and determines that a former Guild Council assassin, gone freelance and worked over for her infidelity, was the best choice in the region, and hires the woman. She now goes by the name, 'the Swan'. Their first circuitous and wending ploy is to procure an extant smuggling operation. Surface investigation brings them to a small rocky island only large enough for a few dozen warehouses, brothels, and stables, with a periphery of moored boats serving as the rest of the town's services (inns, taverns, shops, etc.).
-- >> The merchant to be whacked is in fact the good and loyal individual, and his lover/partner is the one with the gambling debt that is dragging the business down. Yihi and the Swan bail on that plan and as they are discussing their next move, there is a knock on the door. Special Investigators from Doran are there to arrest Yihi. Tybylt/Yihi grabs Swan and uses his shadowy powers to E&E from them. An illusion later, and the last member of the team is thrown off their actual location and Tybylt and Swan drive off with the carriage occupied by some unknown person, whereupon he purposefully wedges the transport into an alleyway too narrow to open the doors, and they dip on the horses until they send them in different directions. The two find a sleazy inn operated by a former player's first character (the psychopathic scumbag in the adventure detailed in the earliest Dragonsfoot-link =---> posts), and stay there just long enough to Plane Travel via Shadow, back to Doran. Tybylt drops his guard and lets slip a few references that allow Swan to realise who he really is, and she then informs him that the reason she went freelance was because the last Guild contract she'd been given was on him, roughly two months prior (post-pirate-attack).

Ymyk, the LGS co-owner's character (the one with the alternating personalities due to a bad dual brain mutation), locks himself in a closet in the new mansion until Tybylt and the Swan arrive (introductions all around), whereupon Ymyk takes Tyb to the gambling house he (as the crime boss identity, Zhakun) owns, and the underground complex annex rife with newly-set traps protecting the subterranean warehouses. Ymyk hands the whole operation over to Tybylt (as Yihi) [still with me?], who accepts once he lays down righteous smack upon an enforcer who looked to be the most trouble of the bunch. Another thug, Kleph, loses a few fingers on a scythe-blade drawer trap, but has the new boss to thank for one of Mela's regeneration potions (it will still take weeks to fully regrow them, but they will regrow). Introductions of the work crew are made, and each is re-interviewed for by Yihi.

I totted-up the Glory sums for the characters, with (no surprise) Tybylt clearly in the lead, with Ashta about 2/3rd his junior, and Mela next by a fair margin.

The tandoori food was yummy. :)