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Friday, March 15, 2024

[Music] ** Edited to Add: **

How Jacob Collier Reinvented the Guitar

I am excited to try this tuning, but I have some concerns...

At 11:45ish in the video, I hear a portion of Can't Find My Way Back Home.


Marissa Nadler

Desecrators of History

Author: Mahmut Esat Ozan

Published in The Turkish Times - November 1, 2000.

Sorry, Love, here it is properly formatted...

Sephardica en concierto

My father, when he was in academy, from age 7, was roommates with a Sephardic boy who taught him Ladino words and phrases.

What is Sephardic Music and where did it originate?

Mason Williams


To entice you further, I will Tantalise you with the first stanza of our secret song:

"In a kingdom by the sea
 I lie waiting
 Awaiting thee
    Marissa, Marissa!
    Come Home to Me..."