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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Isle of Slavers; 2e Gamma World Boxed Set; Play-by-Post Urutsk Game-

I am working on the island, fortress, and hidden sectors maps, descriptions, and general module-ness for The Isle of Slavers.
--When the adventure is played-out, I intend to reveal it here as a .pdf for your enjoyment. If it meets with your approval, I may submit it to Fight On!

My second edition Gamma World boxed set from an eBay purchase arrived today, as advertised, minus the map, but no sweat, as I still had my map. It also included 7 transparent green Gamescience dice (minus the 10's-die, plus a second d6), that I have Crayola'd white.
--Although 2e has less of an OS-feel than 1e, it is a fine and solid game-platform, and I especially like a lot of the changes and expansions to Mutations.

If I receive enough interest, I would like to run an Urutsk play-by-post game.
--I am most familiar with, but would be open to other venues if heartily suggested.
---If interested, please leave a comment on this post to that effect.