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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[RPG] Last Call for Players' Manual Suggestions-

While I am planning out the revised Players' Manual for Urutsk: World of Mystery, I thought I would give you folks another chance to provide input on what you want to see, and in the basic order it ought to appear.

As it stands, I am reworking the distribution of the background material (keeping the initial description in front, but pushing the timeline after the rules); unifying the Character Generation process (while still maintaining the Point-Design system as optional); and making certain that explanations appear in their proper and logical spots (the effects of a Sever result appearing in Combat, rather than in the weapons section, for instance). Die Rolling Conventions; Basics of RolePlaying (perhaps three pages); Glossary.
--Is there anything else I ought to know/do?

Currently, I have eight really wonderful line drawings from Peter, and I've hired him to produce about three times more than that number. I am concerned that, due to his immense popularity in the field, the whole body of work won't make it on time for my layout schedule, and there will need to be some sort of concession:
1). I wait longer than I had hoped,
2). I produce an art-light version and then re-release it once all of the art is in.
--Thoughts on that?

After my initial good reviews of Mutant Scavengers..., I am thinking about producing an UWoM-centric version as a quick-play version of the rules for pick-up/one-off games, and releasing this separately and before the PM goes 'live' for .pdf and PoD sales.

Anything else?