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Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Playtest Campaign][Gaming] Two Games in Two Days-

Well, the short version is that the farewell-boy lost one character, but that character became an intelligent short sword, in the possession of his other character.

The party, minus Delver/CiCi's player (I played them) covered four sub-levels (a subterranean tower of sorts), down to a port with cryo-sleep bays (five occupied, three intact), and learnt a bit more of the history of Qerzyk.
--They are now faced with the option of leaving with an Abbekqorru spaceship captain and his two surviving human crew (one male, one female), or finish their prescribed mission from the Kherstic League to prevent the ship from departing the sea-cave port facility.

During their delve, they faced a horribly-'virulent' fungal plague (almost lost a PC to it twice); two armed Trolls with a Human-Troll spell-caster; a psychic artefact that contacted an Outer Leviathan who possessed the character who was killed (the same guy who'd previously telepathically contacted the Aelbaan and had lost his prior body), before the party members who were able to resist his Empathy-induced fear-effect, killed him.
--They found heli-coil ammunition canisters for bullpup weapons of the Ancients; 5 space-suits; four small fire-extinguishers; 15 'bullpup pistols' not really designed to fire from those larger heli-coils (much lower reliability: Fumble on a 01-05); and sundry items like disinfectant wipe pouches (hundreds of them), and spoiled concentrated rations, and partially-decayed utensil + spices packages.

I was in P_Armstrong's Saturday-night Skype B/X game, and had a good time.
--We had 6 characters (five players), plus Mr. Armstrong hosting the Gametable and Skype connections.

* Harpy: Vanquished in one Round, and a positive contact gained in Shewolf.

Next game scheduled for a fortnight.