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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[OT] Behind Enemy Lines-

With all of the comments on James Maliszewski's Grognardia blog on the role of re-supply in Classic game play, I thought it would be a good time to share my happiness at having re-secured Behind Enemy Lines, WWII RPG, and picked up Book 4: British Commandos, and The Guns of Navarone accessories.

I was first introduced to this game around the time Chaosium put out the Ringworld boxed set, but at the time, had no interest in such things, given my mother's experience in Germany between '39 and '46.
Since then, and my brief and aborted interest in serving in the US Army a tad prior to the, um, armed procurement of Panama's strongman in '89 during Operation Just Cause (or. 'Just 'cuz'), I fell upon lean RPG days while living in Jacksonville, FL., where I was exposed to wargames. While no History wiz, I certainly had a decent grasp on the bigger picture, which won me a degree of favour with the local minis guys, and I was allowed to watch and participate in a few such games.
From there, I picked up Victory Games' AMBUSH!, and soon after, SHELL SHOCK!, and mashed those rules together with Games Workshop's Necromunda 1e, and Kabal Gaming Systems' M.I.S.S.I.O.N. . However, it wasn't until I scored an old The Companions edition of BEL that it all started to gel (being primarily a student of individual behaviour rather than corporate entities, due to my Psychology background).

So, I was stumbling around on the web just a day or two ago, and on a lark, made another search for a copy of the game, and found it on Amazon, while the accessories were on eBay. Since the announcement of the game's shipping landed in my inbox, I thought the convergence of topics was great synchronicity.


[RPG] Cover Art Final-

To your right you will see the art final for the game's cover.

Peter Mullen is the man.