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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Urutsken Creature (Dual-Stat):

:: Xadouvh 'Great Dweller Upon the Waters; a Glorious Fighter'

4HD | 32HP | 09AC | 1d4 Peck | 80' Waddle | 160' Swim | 320' Good Flyer

Menace Rating: 36
FD: 4d8 | DP: 32 | DEF: +0 | ARM: 1d4+2 | DMG: 2d6 Peck | MOV: 10/20//40

:: Mammalavian creatures the size of a dinghy with iridescent green feathers of scale-like properties, Drake rule the waterways of the Marnharnnan Sea and its marshland coast. Fearless of anything smaller, Drakes will buffet boats and attempt to land upon them to eat the catch before flying off. Characters caught in the buffet of the large creature's wings are forced to attempt a (PPP Save/T18 Reflexes CT) or fall. Small animals, children, and the elderly are not safe from predation by Drakes and have been known to be swallowed whole. Drake meat commands a great price (100 gp/10 Ct.) per (Lb.).