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Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15th UPDATE-

The PCs, after battling Anime-inspired baddies in the mining town, took their shopping goodies (including Transceivers and desk-set radios) back with them on the express train. Along the way, there were interesting stops, scheduled and unscheduled, and fauna to fight and/or collect. A Capacitor and Batteries from a Tube Car Line were got, and after all that, the last of the Anime baddies nearly killed the PCs, who are now tattoo'd with Yaesh script describing the wounds they inflicted upon them -- all save General Roland Peltier, the Immortal, who cannot easily be tattoo'd.

After running a game for Mike Fernandez last Monday night, there is a new zone to investigate, and a strange glop of Elemental Glass-Silt that looks good for all manner of circuitry.
--This Monday night Pacific time game will run from 9PM Hawaii-time to whenever I fall asleep at the computer, or breakfast Tuesday (-5 GMT) time. He's already wrangled three other players.

I'm working on something else, and it has taken a bit longer than I thought it would to finish, but I'm a few yards from the finish line on it. It is for Tunnels & Trolls.

Also, once I'm confident the VANGUARD Alpha Rules One Sheet is saying what I intend it to, I'll post the link to that. I'll take this opportunity, though, to point out that VANGUARD characters can quickly be created by clicking on THIS and THIS link.