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Sunday, April 5, 2009

[RPG] Critter (Limited OGC)-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Irdemas Haekshi ('Winged Witches', 'Moon Maidens')-
Fight Dice: 8+25**
Resolve: +13
Defence/Armour: +7/1d4
AB: +7
# Attacks: Sword twice per Round/1 Buffet/ Magic
Damage: Sword 2d4+2 each/Buffet 1d4+1 and Dex-Test or fall
Move: Walk 40' Fly 240'
Organisation: Solo, Prime (4), Grand Prime (16 + 5d20+50 loyal)
CT: +13
Loot: Types III and II
XP: 2,395
Comely women of many sorts born with wings which grow mighty and powerful as they gracefully age. The Winged Witches are known to be harbingers of sudden change in the form of weather and tumalt.
Each is a cohort of their respective Elemental Lord/Lady, and associated with the Elemental Animal. As Elemental Creatures themselves, they are rather well beyond the concerns of the actions upon a personal-scale, and act impartially in their tasks. If their duties are interfered with, or they are attacked, the Winged Witches will repay the disservice and then return to their charge. Some Moon Maidens take mortal lovers, and their (always-)daughter-offspring are all winged, for it is in this way the race survives.
They are a Caster-Level equal to their CT, with all Element-themed magic (specifically their Element, and the two associated). They are Spontaneous Casters with access to the entire list of spells. The Irdemas Haekshi possess (2x Resolve) in Spell Points with which to power these abilities.