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Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Re-cap of Friday-

Delver Denab, master of the 'black pearl' Void craft, and J.'s two characters (an Yirinn Command Caste, and a Khem Jack-of-all-Trades) were responsible (previous session) for piercing an alien colony on an airless hunk of rock in this strange planetary system, resulting in the deaths of uncounted creatures when a streamer of particulate Black Metal was sucked into the Void craft's wake on their way to said place. They had barely surveyed one exposed rail-trench when proximity warnings announced a massive and 50% luminal velocity object was rapidly approaching. Once they realised what had happened, Delver left a Void probe behind, and under duress from the Command Caste, sent out another probe to the highly elliptical orbiting world on the outskirts of the jumbled mess of the binary star system. As they returned to Kelune (the very deformed planetoid upon which live the Yirinn/Khem colonist civilisation, and the green mineral life), Delver toyed with his control over the craft and made an important discovery.

By turning the craft inside out, the 'pearl' instead became an observation room in some vast Void complex, and the observable universe became encapsulated within the volume of what used to constitute the craft. Merely by touching a point on the sphere, Delver was able to zoom-in on events transpiring, send probes to, and even fold space to instantly 'appear' at the distant location. One probe was sent intro the heart of the green mineral which comprised the planetoid, and revealed a macro-molecular biological enterprise, like a study of cellular function, in which currant-red, green-veined gelatinous brains sat in their own mitochondrial power generators and directed fabricated proto-cellular materials to form into organelles and the like as it all swam about in something like cytosine. Immediately, J.'s characters began fiddling with plans to destroy the green machine, and had the pearl's computer (now a mix of Ashta's personality and Delver's) perform several different permutation calculations and simulations, including transferring some of the green mineral to a gargantuan clone factory craft or structure they had found the previous session.

Meanwhile, Tyb and Ashta and the secondaries of Players M. and C. (on my sweetie's Birthday-eve) were chasing an Aelbaan around the System Ship fragment that had entered the CVE. The clock tower 'fight' was brief, and after two or three of Ashta's Mind Thrusts, their quarry was captured mostly alive. It was revealed that he was surgically altered to appear more Human, although still rather tall. One of the other occupants of the fragment, a young female, contacted Ashta again and provoked the PCs while she was telerelocating her kinsman to her person. Being a Telerelocator as well, Ashta grabbed ahold of him and prevented his departure while gaining a clear understanding of his intended destination. CiCi had dumped all of her DP into her zen-mace, and pressed down on the scintillating immaterial fellow, and Darius, too, used his magic mace (or is it a hammer?) to remain in contact with the guy before Ashta masterfully allowed the transport to occur and the lot of them were relocated to the seraglio in which the young Aelbaaness luxuriated with her ten handmaidens (chained in groups of five to bracelets she wore).

This next bit gets weird.

Darius and CiCi were both dominated by the powerful psionic and instantly perceived the world as one in which everyone was a mannequin, including themselves. Through an exact event which escapes me now, CiCi was able to take a more proactive role in this altered reality, and her mace attack sundered the chest of the Aelbaan mannequin, revealing a field of stars within the hollow cavity. Darius reached within and sought to grasp stars in his hand, but found himself attracted to a particular point of light, and CiCi her own. She then found herself hurtling through space towards the star, and hoped to use her Void-blood powers to 'absorb and diffuse' the energy. As CiCi neared the sidereal object, it became clear to her that it was a mass of writhing and battling titans, each the size of our Luna, battling their counterparts in the Positive/Negative Lightning dynamic. Her approach was partnered by her Patron, Mistress Abyss, who seemed intrigued by the woman's notion: 'What a lovely notion' or something to that effect was her Patron's reply to the Absorb/Diffuse plan.

CiCi neared and gained the attention of the titans before she, with fully-charged (as in her entire DP total was placed in the) mace extended before her, crashed into their mass. Passing through the outer shell of titans, CiCi then was overcome by the intense energy in the star's core...

In a location previously hinted at in others visions of alternate and quantum realities/timelines, CiCi found herself flying very near by a stupendously gargantuan, gleaming, gold-kissed white palace on a scale that crushed her ego, and yet for all its beauty and splendour, took her to the heights of glory.

"What is your aim?" Came a voice that seemed larger than even the palace from whence it emanated.

CiCi explained why she sought to extinguish the star, thinking it would free her from the Mannequin reality. She was informed by the lovingly-friendly and hope-inspiring voice that the two events bore little relation to each other. 'Who are you', she asked.

"Look upon your original face, and you shall know me."

(CiCi's Player is the Buddhist of the group, so I hoped that this would resonate with him)

CiCi acquiesced to contemplation rather than striving, and emerged from the domination to find time had slightly re-wound allowing her to attack in reality, seriously wounding the Aelbaan dominatrix. Darius, was then freed, and used his Gravitix to drag the woman closer and get in his own licks with the magical melee weapon. Finally, Ashta delivered the coup de grace and pulled the bracelets off, contemplating what she ought do with the ladies attached (and now KO'd). CiCi gained a Magnitude, gained a Fight Die, and increased one Ability score for the enlightenment she received.

Back to Delver and the Void pearl.

One of the alternate realities they had seen was of the Yirinn Command caste character addressing a LARGE audience in a strange and very martial setting, akin to the scene in Lynch's DUNE where Paul is addressing the Fremen in the vast hall.

With the group reunited, plans to transport the entire population to the far-orbit world were presented, and proof of the validity of Void travel demonstrated. In time, the entire youth corps of astronauts (thousands) were addressed by the Yirinn. J. burned 16 DP to roll 4d6 in addition to his 2d12 action roll, and achieved a very impressive 40-something.

Reality altered to the timeline in the vision, with many more, and much more martially-inclined astronauts raising their fists in wild assent to his exhortation.

We held it there.