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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was slightly derailed by a need to write a Gamma-style variant of Nicolas Dessaux' Searchers of the Unknown 1-page micro-game.

Mine is entitled MUTANT SCAVENGERS of the RUINED EARTH!, and was equally inspired by Sean 'bite the bulette' Wills' Scavengers & Spacewrecks extension of SotU.
--In fact, I think that playing a combined game of S&S and MSotRE! only increases the fun-factor.

One could easily argue that Sean's CYBORG SAMURAI ARE GO! extension is the prequel to both S&S and mine, timeline-wise. Or, perhaps the new home of humanity, Light City, is on another planet, and the occasional Spacewreck Scavenger team beams down to the Ruined Earth to salvage old-world tech, and bring home bio-samples from its mutant population.
--A ship full of Flying Brains would be truly terrifying without a mutant Psycher to lend a hand. :D

Let me know what you think of MSotRE! :)