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Monday, May 4, 2015

Urutsk Space Age hack of Encounter Critical

Sunday Evening Game-

The crew of the HSS Arden formally sides with the first group of Arkay against the Dsato who refuse to acknowledge their existence and have incurred 40% of their sphere. Some portion of the Dsato (sided with a cantankerous group of [more] belligerent Arkay) fire a missile at the HSS Arden. The Arden's captain tells the PCs to 'F' them up.' The PCs proceed to do so, and using my mass combat rules, they take over the Dsato ship crewed by 80 with a force of 15. Taking control of the bridge and shutting off life support helped that. The Humanosphere now have a Dsato ship and have agreed with the Dsato, that this means war. The majority of Arkay have aligned/allied with the Humanosphere.

The percentage Ability Score bonuses I have in the playtest document are too high, and it was good to confirm that in play. I'm working on that and speeding up chargen a lot through easy techniques.

Other good stuff going on in the development.