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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] 9th, April-

:: Elemental stirrings as a powerful Earth-aligned person sought and won permission of the Governors to raise a temple out around a tiny island off their northern coast. It is decided to host Water, Air, and Fire temples, as well. Tybylt met Lord Shadow for a second time, and received a favour of the entity.

:: Mela, and Darius (now a recipient of Earth-based versions of his Aberrations) head off to the Marnharnnan continent, and the Riverland peninsula, to tend to those suffering what they were informed was a water-borne illness.

:: Tybylt, Ashta (called 'Xholte' by the native islanders of the region), eight native spiritualist, six mixed FCS sharpshooters, and rogue WICE grenadiers (decked-out in Environment Suits) travel to the Shlzm bastion on some undisclosed. Her adherents chant the name, generating psychic energy to boost (her/the ship's) powers.

:: A lot of 'flavour' regarding the nature and scale of the combat, but also confirmation that multiple realities are operating in parallel synchrony, including the old Pathfinder cast of characters. Next session will involve their outside of craft, individual tasks and (likely) combat.

:: I had the PCs receive (1d6+1d4) Locus Points.

:: The demons are Mutant, Cybernetic, Demonic creatures with a decidedly H. R Geiger aesthetic to them. So far they haven't encountered any real noteworthy opponents while in the Sphere.

:: The boon that was granted so as to have Tybylt's Shadow-powers and Ashta's Aelbaan-Psychic powers combined, and embodied in one male and one female child. He has the Shadow of Aether power, which grants limited effect upon the Void powers the enemy are using.
The female is to have Aether-fortified Shadow effects, causing the normally 2D shadows take on a full 3D reality as they are 'filled' with Aether. Again, this will allow the ability to affect the Void magicks with the variety of both Tyb's magick and Ashta's and the Sphere's Psychic abilities.