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Friday, March 26, 2010

[RPG] Update: 26th, March-

Sadly, Tybylt's player didn't want to run a Ref and Single Player session today, as the LGS co-owner is out at the post GAMA trade show, and my SO is working tonight.
--I played a Pathfinder Cleric of Heironeous in Tyb's player's 'bottom-up' campaign I joined last night, that does not take place in Greyhawk. My LN Cleric started out with 17 HP at 1st Level. :)
---Goblin Rogue and Halfling Sorcerer were like naughty children (and honestly, isn't that the truth?) playing 'real-life' chutes and laders. Still, the mega-mat was fun to have the dungeon complex mapped out on.

So, the ten Skill Areas are shaping up to be rather BoL-like in their overall utility, which I think will suit the 'revised' UWoM rather well.
--More focus on in-game definition of what a character can do with them (better than someone who doesn't have them; not to the exclusion of not having them) than a multitude of fiddly, once in a while, binary skills.
---Each of them has some extra effect, whether strictly mechanical, or more ephemeral (such as providing income if regularly plied).

Received three graphs (from a gaming friend on Mike Moorcock's site) on the 2d12 mechanism I have adopted, and the pyramidal non-curve, non-flat results are very regular and I think it sits well with my notions of exceptional results (plus or minus) being unusual events, and reality humming along nicely most of the time.
--I'm still keeping my eyes open for the possibility of something else coming along before print (such as above friend's favoured 3d8), but I'm not holding my breath, to mix metaphors.
---All I know is that flat rolls (either single die [d20, etc.] or d100) just don't cut it for me, as they are too chaotic. Not that there's anything wrong with that for other people and their games. ;)

I should be gaming Moldvay B/X right now.
--See ya... :D